Dubai Taxi Is Now Offering Free WiFi To Customers Traveling From The Airport But Not Everyone Is Happy

Taking your driving experience that extra mile

Dubai Airport Taxi

Dubai taxi has upped its game. The famous - and occasionally infamous fleet, have recently announced that it will be offering free WiFi to airport customers. The services will extend across 500 taxis as a collaboration between du and the Dubai Taxi Corporation. In addition to the free WiFi, taxis from the airport will also have smart screens in them. 

Yousef Mohammed Al Ali, CEO of Dubai Taxi Corporation at the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), said: “The importance of this agreement lies in the consolidation of our partnerships with various parties to improve the quality of services provided to the public – to reach the seven star level Dubai is renowned for.”

He continued to explain that, “smart screens will allow the customers to view promotional advertisements, RTA services, and give visitors and tourists information about Dubai’s popular tourist destinations.”

It looks like Dubai Taxi could use a bit of a boost

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