Dubai Twitter Has Gone Into Diva Frenzy After The Holy Trinity Of Social Media Went Down

"Twitter, you're doing amazing sweetie!"

Social Media Down

Life was going great up until about the afternoon, when Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp decided to go down and come to a halt.

Naturally, our digitally-savvy colleagues at the Lovin Dubai office had to research and make sure it wasn't just our office internet connection that was the issue.

So onto Twitter, we went and found that NOT only did this social media meltdown affect the whole of Dubai but the world. Again.

And it's safe to say, you truly get to know people after our backbones (aka social media apps) stop functioning

Have a look at some of these dashing exhibits...

The one who just realised something's up

The one who can't cope with reality

The one who has just realised Twitter is king

When you can't text bae back

Is it the apocalypse?

This is when patience is most tested

Makes you wonder

The overall mood:

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