The First Hyperloop Could Easily Happen In Dubai Says The Wall Street Journal And Here's Why


DP Properties and Hyperloop One Inc have announced a new partnership.

What does the coming together of one of the world's largest port-terminal operators and one of the two companies building the transportation technology mean? We'll tell you...

Hyperloop is a technology that will transport people or cargo in suspended capsules...

We're talking of speeds more than 1,120km an hour through very long near-vacuum tubes.

DP World and Hyperloop One's goal is...

Their first is to see how viable it is to use this technology to unload ocean-container cargo at the Jebel Ali port. According to The Wall Street Journal, their study includes all aspects such as design, cost and finance. They're also considering an offshore floating hyperloop. What will happen then is containers will be taken from ships and transported to an inland hub versus allowing the process to happen on the docks. This could be a game-changer for the way the terminal operates today.

The first one could very likely be in Dubai...

The company's engineers are studying the application of the technology in Dubai's port. If it works here it will be a big step globally and for DP World as well as they operate 77 cargo terminals in more than 40 countries.

Why the move to Hyperloop technology?

It's primarily to improve efficiency and reduce emissions which have caused traffic congestion and pollution in port communities.

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