Forget About Cycle Zones, Dubai Is Getting Drone Zones Instead

You'll need to pre-register your drone if you want to fly it near the Burj

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It's been announced that Dubai is getting 'Drone Lanes' in order to enhance public safety and ensure that drones do not interfere with local flights and airspace. 

Four drone 'no-fly' zones and nine areas requiring registration have been set up across Dubai.

Amongst the designated 'no-fly zones' are the Palm Jumeirah, Skydive Dubai, Al Maktoum Airport and the International Airport.

Nine other areas including Downtown Dubai and the Burj Khalifa will require permission prior to flying drones

Last April, a law that requires the registration of drones was introduced three months after recreational drones strayed into flight paths at Dubai airport and led to the grounding of passenger planes. A month earlier, a drone incursion resulted in the shutdown of the emirate’s airspace for 55 minutes, costing its economy Dh3.7 million per minute. Yikes...

Registration cards will cost from AED 50 for casual hobbyists to AED 500 for commercial operators.

“Some no-fly zones are very dangerous areas to try to attempt to operate,”

Michael Rudolph, head of aviation regulations and safety at the authority

“We can’t afford to have that again, which is why we started with the process of registration,

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