Hatta Is Getting A Major Upgrade And It Looks Totally Cool


Hatta has been all the rage thanks to the kayaking in the dam, and hiking around the area - ESPECIALLY on Instagram, and now it's going to be even more vogue if these pics are anything to go by.

Meraas has announced some major changes being made to Hatta, which are aimed at boosting tourism in the area.

The first phase is scheduled to open in late 2018 with its design and construction expected to be top class.

Among the changed is a huge 'Hatta' sign that'll be located at an elevation in the stunning Hajar Mountains

Hatta Sign 1

It also plans on building a mountain lodge with up to 20 rooms (just imagine the view!)

13 Mountain Lodge Camp September2018

OMG you can even expect to come across a little hotel on the banks of the Hatta dam

12 Airstream Camp September2018

A range of stores will be built to keep tourists happy

01 Visitors Centre


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Mariam Maroof