Here's How You Can Adopt Furries And Purries In Dubai


If you're looking to adopt a cute little kitten or cat in Dubai, then look no further. KittySnip is a registered Dubai animal welfare group that puts adorable cats up for adoption. All the cats are vaccinated, groomed and microchipped.

They have an adoption day every Friday and Saturday for those who want to adopt a lil fur ball friend

What they do

Their main goal is to find a loving home for abandoned cats so they can get the TLC (tender loving care of course) that they truly deserve.

KittySnip is hosting an adoption on May 31, June 1,14,15,21,22,28 and 29 to provide a good home for cats in desperate need of love and care. If you are willing to adopt a cat or know someone who is then be sure to check it out.


The cutest lil monster ever..

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