HH Sheikh Hamdan Has A Plan To Make Sure Dubai Is 10 Years Ahead Of Other Governments And It’s Impressive

The DubaiX is sure to take the world by storm

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Dubai's Crown Prince HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed has administered the government's entities to speed up the product of DubaiX. The project aims to be ten years ahead of other nations concerning being the best government, innovation (using technology and others), organisational structure and societal issues and leads them to advancement. 

“Sheikh Mohammed no longer accepts being just number one; we want to be ten years ahead of all others," as reported by the Dubai Media Office. 

“Sheikh Mohammed no longer accepts being just number one, we want to be 10 years ahead of all others," as reported by the Dubai Media Office. 

The teaser video for the initiative 

Requires all government entities to develop structured plans to deliver breakthrough and solutions within 3 months

The initiative was launched at the World Government Summit a few days back, wherein the Crown Prince and Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Dubai Future Foundation, met with the leaders of Dubai government to discuss the following steps for Dubai 10x. 

HH Sheikh Hamdan stated that the future is for those who affect the immense changes. not ones with gradual and minuscule improvements. He then proposed that the prospective future would not have the same patience as it does today.

“Today, I am calling on all government leaders and employees to embrace disruptive innovation and find new, creative and truly disruptive approaches and technologies to delivering their mission rather than incremental and minor improvements. We are a young and energetic government who want to be leaders in disruptive innovation and technology," the Crown Prince told Dubai Media Office.

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Three particular elements were requested by His Royal Highness for the Dubai government entities to produce within one month

1. Each government entity has to set up with proper resources and develop solutions to deliver beyond what their mission goals are within their own organisations. Dubai 10 X RTA Unit or Dubai §0 X Dewa Unit are examples of this.

2. "To develop systems, processes and labs to trial and scale radically disruptive technologies and approaches in order to deliver on their respective missions. This plan will also need to involve reviewing and reconsidering the traditional organisational structure and hierarchies of government organisations and finding new structures that facilitate creative innovation and disruption," reported by Dubai Media Office. 

3. To develop processes and methods that will allow each government entity to work with disorderly companies and start-ups to better Dubai's residents receiving of services and lead to a happier way of life.

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