Dubai People Have Been Getting Calls From HH Sheikh Mohammed Himself And NO....This Is Not A Drill

Not letting the phone go out of sight

Sheikh Mo Calling People

What are the chances of you waking up in the morning and getting a call from none other than HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Maktoum himself!

Slim to none, right? WRONG!

Emiratis across the UAE (and also abroad) have been getting calls from number 1971, and turns out it's actually the Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE surprising citizens with a personally recorded message wishing them a happy 47th National Day.

You can hear the message below:

"This is Mohammed bin Rashid. I wanted to personally wish you a happy National Day. I hope you have happy days ahead, and for the nation a wonderful future," the message reads.

It's not every day you get a call from the Ruler of Dubai himself. Lucky are those who did!

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Nikita Mukherjee

Being fairly new to Dubai, Nikita is still trying to find that perfect crème brulee. She loves buying cakes for no reason and then complaining about gaining weight in the same breath. She is obsessed with books, memes, pant suits and desserts—in no particular order. When not writing, she’s busy sleuthing unsolved cases on the internet.