This New Insta Worthy Spot In Down Town Dubai Is An Absolute Must See

Do it for the gram


Dear instagrammers, there's a fabulous insta worthy spot in Dubai that you don't want to miss out on. The next time you head out to Dubai Mall, be sure to check out the 'LOVE ME' sculpture right outside the mall. It is a three dimension heart shaped sculpture that weighs 7 kilograms and measures five by five meters.

The creator, Richard Hudson described the work of art as “all-encompassing in its symbolism of love and peace – and an icon image that crosses all boundaries”

It is no doubt that the art scene is picking up massively in Dubai. A smaller version of the 'LOVE ME' sculpture was spotted back in February 2018 and has been recreated BIGGER and BETTER this time around as well. It is the absolute perfect backdrop for your instagram - just saying.


Where can you spot it?

The sculpture can be spotted right outside Dubai Mall near Jones the grocer, it is carefully positioned in a way that it reflects the wonderful Burj Khalifa.

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