Is Dubai set to get this incredible virtual reality rollercoaster?

When the new Six Flags theme park opens

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We love rollercoasters...and we love computer games, what could be better? Well, how about if you combine the two and have a super insane virtual reality rollercoaster? 

Well, it's something that could well be on the cards, when Dubai gets its own version of Six Flags, the group of legendary theme parks from the U.S .

Six Flags have just launched 'The Dare Devil Dive' in Georgia, a rollercoaster with a virtual reality head piece, so you enter a computerised landscape at the same time as riding a real! 

Wanna see what that will look like? Here you go...

And as Dubai is known for having the biggest and best of everything, we're pretty sure it's only a matter of time before we're riding one of these bad boys too!

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