Is It Two Massive Birds? Nope It's Two Crazy Guys With JET PACKS Flying Way Too Close To An Airbus A380

This stunt is off the charts crazy


Two weeks ago Dubai went wild when a teaser clip of a massive Emirates plane flying SCARILY close to a helicopter was released.

Once again Emirates are at the helm of another insanely awesome stunt along side X Dubai, the guys who are taking action sports in Dubai to a whole new friggin' level. You might already know them for the zip lining past the Burj stunt that has everybody talking and now they're taking things one step further. This time they partnered up with Jet Man Dubai, two adrenaline junkies who are known for testing the limits with jet packs, how cool is that?!

Watch these guys test their limits in what is definitely the coolest stunt video you'll see in Dubai this year. (Although who knows, in this city there's always someone trying to do one better).


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Casey Fitzgerald

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