Is the rotating Da Vinci Tower finally getting built in Dubai?

Erm..we're not so sure, but we love this video all the same

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You know what it's like in Dubai, every few years, a video that went viral, surfaces again to do the rounds. And it gets you wondering...why? Well, this one is an old favourite of ours. How we wish we could say that it's resurfaced because Dubai is finally set to build this magnificent Da Vinci Tower, but we don't have any...erm, concrete evidence.

The video first started doing the rounds in 2008, when plans to build the rotating tower (also known as the Dynamic Tower) was set for Dubai, with a similar tower planned in Moscow, by 2012, the plans had changed due to financial issues and it was decided the tower – designed by architect David Fisher would move to London instead. 

Construction hasn't started on any of the proposed towers but hasn't been ruled out. 

Whatever becomes of the tower, we know one thing – we thoroughly enjoyed seeing the video again! Here it is for your viewing...

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