Is This KFC Arabia Promotion Sexist Or Just An Ad?

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KFC Arabic have launched a new sandwich with an advertising campaign pushed heavily on their social media channels for the past three weeks. The product is being sold as the ‘World's Manliest Sandwich’. The promotion is targeting males and KFC are not holding back with their ad copy, ‘with no weak ingredients allowed, #DoubleDown and eat like a man'. 

This is clearly gender-stereotyping. Demographic and gender targeting is common in advertising, all Facebook ads give marketers the option to gender target, however, the creative used does not need to mirror the targeting, whether it is by gender or by ethnicity or anything else.

'It's Not For Girls'

Nestle's Yorkie Bar ran with the slogan 'It's Not For Girls’ for around 10 years from 2002. Despite some cities banning the chocolate bar, sales still rose. However, they replaced the slogan in 2012 without explaining why. We wonder how long it will take KFC to replace the slogan for their Double Down sandwich.  

KFC Launched Double Down In New Zealand Without The 'Manliest' Slogan!!

We asked our Twitter followers if this was a sexist promotion? 72% Say it is so far. 

Not holding back: 'And with no weak ingredients allowed, #DoubleDown and eat like a man.'

A post shared by KFC Arabia (@kfcarabia) on

A post shared by KFC Arabia (@kfcarabia) on

Why accept this in Dubai?

We don’t mean to single out KFC, as this is common, but it is something that advertisers should be more aware of. It would be called out in other cities, so why should we accept anything less in Dubai or anywhere that KFC Arabia is available?

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