Is this the best post brunch deal ever?

The Stock Exchange night at Ynot is our new favourite hotspot

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We think me might have found the best fun you can have in Dubai after a brunch...and it's super cheap!

Enter the Stock Exchange at Ynot Bar and Kitchen at the Intercontinental Dubai Marina...where a gin & tonic can be as cheap as AED 10. Yes! Really!!

How is this possible you ask...well that's where the stock exchange fun comes in. Every hour, the prices of drinks go up and down (based on some logic...that we didn't bother to ask about, we were busy sipping AED 15 glasses of white). Just keep and eye on the huge screen to see what drinks are cheap that hour. 

All you need to know is beer, wine, G&T, Cosmos and Mojitos stayed below AED 30 for the duration with every one of them going down to between AED 10 and AED 20 throughout the night.

The Stock Exchange runs from 4pm to 9pm, every Friday (perfect for straight after brunch). 

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