JLT Management Is Cracking Down On Over-Crowded Apartments After Residents Have Lodged Complaints

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There is a 30-day deadline for JLT's community managers to identify which apartments are being misused or overcrowded. If the DMCC does not receive reports by the managers within the given timeframe, sanctions will be imposed.

It is illegal, according to Dubai Municipality, for any crowding on residential units 

Going against this is a direct breach of the health and safety regulations. 

“Such misuse and overcrowding represents a considerable fire hazard to those buildings and infringes the fire rules and regulations stipulated by Dubai Civil Defence (DCD),” 

- Circular, (via Gulf News)

Residents and neighbours in certain JLT clusters have complained about seeing "new faces every week" and loud noise from partying

There have been reports about units handled by agents who could have eight people in a 2-3 bedroom apartment, divided by partitions. Residents report to seeing a new face once every week.

The overcrowding in Jumeirah Lakes Towers has caused an upset in the community, especially due to the unhygienic, anti-social and other health and safety hazards. 

DMCC needs full investigations and reports back within 30 days from July 26th

These investigations need to include the following: 

  • Details of every occupant in each apartment
  • Unit number
  • Names of occupants
  • Owner or tenant names
  • Email addresses, and telephone/mobile numbers 
  • List units suspected of crowding, with full contact details of owners and landlords

If managers fail to submit the reports within the timeframe, sanctions may include:

Either a suspension of your DMCC trade license and/or monetary penalties

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