Killer Of Eight Year Old Boy Gets Death Sentence

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The verdict came through this morning at the Dubai Court of First Instance for a man who abducted, raped and murdered an eight year old boy, Obaida Sedqi, in Al Manzar earlier this year. Nidal Abdullah, a 49 year old Jordanian, who admitted the charge has been sentenced to death. The story of Obaida's death upset many. The incident led to a Dubai Police campaign advising children on the dangers of sexual abuse. 

Judges verdict

“The court has unanimously agreed to sentence defendant Nidal Eisa Abdullah to death. The convict will also have to pay Dh21,000 in temporary compensation to the blood parents (parents of Obaida)."

Judge Urfan Omar

'Suffering from mental issues'

“Abdullah did not intend to kill Obaida. He admitted that he has been suffering from mental issues. His fear of being shamed for what had happened pushed him to do what he did [strangle the victim]. As per the forensic examiner’s statement in court, Obaida’s neck was so tenuous and fragile … and which led to his death.”

Abdullah’s lawyer, Omran Darwish,

This is how the news of the sentencing was reported across the Emirates

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