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For Just AED70 You Can Help Restore People’s Sight With This Incredible Foundation

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It is truly the spirit of Ramadan and Kris Fade has taken a great initiative in collaboration with The Fred Hollows Foundation to help out the visually impaired in Nepal for only AED70. The main aim is to raise funds for the innocent souls who have limited vision. Kris Fade is shining a light on the important cause here in Dubai and visiting the foundation in Nepal this weekend.

With only AED70, you can help restore someone’s eye sight and help them see the beautiful world around them for the first time.

Raising AED 50,000 through social media!

From a simple act of kindness, Kris Fade has managed to raise over AED50,000 thanks to the help of social media, which helped create awareness and encouraged more and more people to join the cause.

How can you help

The Fred Hollows Foundation is an organization dedicated to ending avoidable blindness and improving health; they work in more than 25 countries and have restored sight to more than 2.5 million people around the world.

It is the month of kindness, peace and charity reach out and help improve someone’s eye sight by donating small or big, every penny counts.

To help donate visit: www.hollows.org/ae/donate

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