Latest Information On The Fire At The Address Downtown Dubai

'A minor fire caused by an electric shortage'

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Six months preparation work have gone into the New Years Eve display which is due to start at the Burj Khalifa in a less than one hour from now.

Thousands of people have been waiting beneath the monumental building and the adjacent Address Hotel for the start of what is expected to be one of the most impressive firework displays in the world. 

Reports are still coming about the fire which broke around 6pm local time on the 20th floor of the five star hotel and rapidly spread to 40th floor of a 63 story building. Authorities have been on hand in an attempt to calm the rapidly spreading blaze and Sheikh Mansoor bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Makhtoum reported on his Instagram account that this is a "minor fire caused by an electric shortage".

The Civil Defense Ministry has reported there are no reported casualties yet, considering the size of blaze and the speed of the report we certainly hope that nobody is injured. 

We'll bring you more information as we hear it, get home safely everyone.

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Authorities are encouraging crowds to make their way home


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Scenes of the fire

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