Lilly Singh tells Jimmy Fallon about how The Prince of Dubai got her mates into a club

The Youtube funny girl had a riot in Dubai

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Ever get to a nightclub entrance and the bouncers won't let one of your mates in...of course you have, everyone has! Well, when that happened to Youtube sensation and all-round funny girl Lilly Singh, during a visit to Dubai...well she called in the big guns!

Luckily, one of her other mates has friends in high places...the highest places – he called in a favour from a friend, that friend was The Crown Prince of Dubai. 

Not heard of Lilly Saini Singh? She's better known by her Youtube username Superwoman. Her videos have gathered over 1 billion views and her channel has over 7.5 million subscribers. In 2015, she ranked 8th on the Forbes list of World's Highest Paid YouTube Stars, earning $2.9 million pre tax in 2015.

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