The UAE Is Considering Constructing A Man-Made Mountain To Increase Rainfall

This is another step in a bid to reach 20 million tourists in time for Expo 2020.​​

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In further evidence that the UAE are increasing efforts to make the climate accessible for tourists year-round, (basically so the months of June, July and August are a little more bearable) it has been reported that the government are considering building a fake mountain to bring real rain to the city.

Dubai residents have seen a record high of rainfall in the past year due to cloud seeding, a weather modification process designed to increase the amount of rainfall produced from clouds, a process which the UAE spent $558,000 on in the last year.

And building a mountain would be one SERIOUS step further. On Monday morning, Arabian Business reported that the government are considering constructing a mountain to improve rainfall, and so far, a total of $400,000 has been invested to undertake a “detailed modelling study evaluating the effects of building a mountain on the weather”.

Increasing rainfall, and thus improving the climate is another step in a bid to reach 20 million tourists per year in time for Expo 2020.

The study will calculate the effects a mountain would have on the weather determined by the height and slopes of the the hopes that the structure would increase rainfall in the region. So far, details on the location, materials used or effects it would have on our climate have not been released. What does it mean for us? More rain days we reckon, happy days!

The reaction on social media so far is as expected...

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