This man's response to his son's school is absolutely brilliant

Dad's text of his family's Dubai holiday goes viral

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When the Morgan family got a last-minute opportunity to visit our lovely Emirate there was absolutely no way they were going to turn it down (is there anyone who would?!). However, in all the hurry they forgot to inform their son's school that he would be missing for a couple of days.  

When Simon Morgan received a text message asking for an explanation for his sons absence, he decided to send a picture of his son having the time of his life in front of the Burj Al Arab rather than a detailed explanation. Amazing.

"I know I should have told the school beforehand but if you ask on things like this unfortunately they often say they don't approve of it, so I took a gamble. They didn't reply to the text so I think it paid off."

"When I got the message I decided to send the picture because I think a picture tells a thousand words. I think from the photo it was then quite apparent where he was."

Simon Morgan
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This picture leaves no room for doubt regarding James's well being!

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