Mars and Snickers pulled from the shelves in Dubai!

Mass recall affects GCC countries including the UAE

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Yesterday a consumer in Germany found a piece of plastic in a Snickers bar, resulting in a mass recall affecting 55 countries as a precautionary measure. The products include the immensely popular Mars and Snickers chocolate bars. 

Ahmad Healy, Acting General Manager, Mars Gulf, said in Dubai today:

“Mars Gulf, including the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman markets, have decided to take a precautionary recall of a selection of Snickers [Miniatures], Mars [Minis and Miniatures] and Best of Our Minis products produced in The Netherlands after finding a piece of red plastic in one of Snickers bar purchased in Germany,” 
“This is an isolated case related to some products manufactured in the Netherlands. The majority of the products sold in the GCC region, including Mars and Snickers bars, are manufactured in our factory in Jebel Ali in the UAE. All of these locally manufactured products are not affected by this incident.”

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Full list of products recalled

  • Snickers Miniatures 150g      4 Dec 16 – 8 Jan 17
  • Mars Minis 144g                   11 Dec 16 – 8 Jan 17
  • Mars Minis 270g                   11 Dec 16 – 8 Jan 17
  • Mars Miniatures 150g            4 Dec 16 – 1 Jan 17
  • Best of Our Minis 710g        11 Sep 16 – 13 Nov 16
  • Best of Our Minis 500g          4 Sep 16 – 13 Nov 16

This one Dubai based Twitter user made light of the situation...

Another predicted the start of the apocalypse!

Apart from making us hungry, all this had got us SERIOUSLY thinking about Mars and Snickers bars...

... Is a Snickers a guy, and Mars a girl?? 


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