Meet Brave Photographer Who Saved His Own Life By Dangling from a Rope on the 48th Floor of The Address Hotel

Don't try this at home...

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Photographer, Dennis Borja Mallari, dangled from a rope outside a 63-storey Dubai hotel as a massive fire engulfed the building on New Year’s Eve.

After almost two hours of fearing for his life, Dennis came up with a last ditch plan: He’d hang down the building on a window-washer’s cable even though it wasn’t quite long enough to make it.

“I got scared,” he said. “I prayed. If this is my last chance, then so be it.” he later told CNN.

Dennis ended up stuck on the 48th floor of the Address Downtown Hotel on New Years Eve. 

This dramatic and brave effort by the photographer was richly rewarded. As he started to descend, he was met by firefighters who pulled him back over his room's balcony before escorting him down the fire escape. 

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Look closely, Dennis is holding the rope as he scales down the side of the hotel

The 37-year-old survived the fire by grabbing about 30 metres of rope attached to a window-cleaning platform and securing it to his belt and equipment.

Not only did he save his own life, he managed to use his camera to capture footage of the flames as he scaled down the side of the building.

After being rescued by the equally brave firefighters, he took some photos as he was led down the smoke-filled stairsl towards the safety of the ground floor.

Dennis Mallari Footage Way Down Dubai

Dennis posted the image and a video of this incredibly brave endeavor on his Facebook account.

Dennis instantly shared a selfie of himself wearing an oxygen mask with friends to show that he was safe. 

Then, he went back to work, capturing Dubai's fireworks just metres away from the burning building that had nearly claimed his life.

Now that Dennis is reflecting on his miraculous feat, we hold our hands up to the guy.


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It wouldn't be Dubai in 2016 without a selfie.

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courtesy of Dennis Borja Mallari (twitter)

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