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The UAE Has Taken A Big Decision To Ban All Mini-Buses For Student Transport Safety

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With the increase in road accidents, a proposal has been submitted to the Ministry of Interior (MOI) to ban the use of mini vans on UAE roads by the year 2023 because its suggested they’re involved in 15% of road accidents – a shocking statistic.

According to local reports, 50,000 minibuses are on the roads currently and some are used to transport students from schools to their homes. Minibuses are tiny, they aren’t equipped with basic safety features and can be unsafe to kids.

The aim is to ban all mini buses by 2023 and those used to transport students daily to be banned by September 2021.

Minibuses have been involved in some serious accidents..

  • In 2013, authorities decided to install speed breakers in mini buses to ensure that their speed is restricted to 100kph.
  • Between Jan- July 2018, 24 accidents occurred that claimed the lives of 13 people.

Why is this a good idea?

  • Because mini buses are not armed with basic safety features.
  • Passengers are seated too close to one another, making them victims incase an accident occurs.
  • Size of the vehicle makes it prone to accidents.

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