9 Misconceptions People Have About Dubai And The People Who Live Here

We've all heard them and laughed out loud

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We're just a bit sick and tired of listening to all the ridiculous things people think and say about Dubai. How we all drive sports cars, have private swimming pools full of cash money. Ok, some people might, but for the average Joe out here...it's just not like that. 

Here are some of the most common misconceptions people make, we dare you to tag (name and shame) the friends who have made these comments...so they don't make the same mistake again.

1. That we're all absolutely minted


We wish that was true

2. That we live in places like this...

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When this is more accurate...


3. That the weather is too hot to live in

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4. That it's illegal to drink anywhere in Dubai


5. That we all drive around in sports cars

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6. That it's easy to get a job here

Not True

7. That Dubai is a country

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8. That it's compulsory to dress like this

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9. That it's just a massive sandpit with oil refineries dotted everywhere...

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Man, they're way off with that one...

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That we have vending machines that dispense gold...oh wait, they might be right about this one!

Gold Vending Machine

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