On Yer Bike – World’s Biggest Bike Park Planned For Dubai

It looks pedal-pumpingly fun.

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If you’ve ever tried to cycle on Dubai’s roads, you’re probably used to veering, jumping and skidding around the city. Luckily, with the planned development of Wall Ride Park, it won’t be cars you’re dodging.

Upon completion, the purpose-built facility will be the word’s largest indoor cycle park, sprawling an incredible 2,700-square-metres (that’s 1,200-square-metres smaller than Dubai’s most expensive apartment) and will be packed with state-of-the-art facilities.

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The massive mountain bike park will be constructed entirely from recycled materials and will include:

  • Wall rides
  • Skill zones
  • Epic drops Snaking slaloms
  • Dirt jumps
  • Pumptracks
  • Bermed race routes
  • Year-round climate control
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"Riding mountain bikes indoors is not going to replace the outdoor experience. What it will offer is a fun and convenient place to ride when you want to practice your skills, take part in exercise or training, or ultimately when the weather is extremely hot."

Robert Canseco, the man behind the project

Currently in the planning stages, the bike park is hoping to attract some of the 4,000 mountain bikers in the UAE and is currently looking for support from the region’s budding cyclist to move the project forward.

If things work out, we’ll certainly be polishing the dust off our bike and hitting the track – it looks great.

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