Burj Khalifa Made A World Record With Its Spectacular Light Show On NYE BUT People Were Mighty Unimpressed

Ah uh!

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Burj Khalifa's light show was the single most anticipated event of Dubai's NYE celebrations. 

Hundreds and thousands of people thronged Downtown Dubai to witness yet another Guinness World Record being made. 

This was the first time the iconic Burj Khalifa did not welcome the new year with fireworks, but with a laser show appropriately named as Light Up 2018.

And while the event in itself was every bit fascinating, plenty of people remained rather unimpressed with the show. 

Dubai was lit up

Burj Khalifa broke a new world record

Yet everyone wasn't impressed

People were apparently upset

And a couple of them missed the good old fireworks

Some of the people displayed their disappointment through sarcasm

And others didn't mince their words

Wasn't worth it?

But, to be fair, more people who witnessed the event were enthralled by the show. 

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