PICTURES: What It Looks Like Inside Dubai’s Most Expensive Apartment

It costs Dhs 180 million? Can we split it over 10,000 cheques?

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Let’s be honest, Dubai isn’t the subtlest city in the world. Whether it’s the tallest buildings, craziest man-made islands or most opulent hotels, there are plenty of ‘out-there’ ideas buzzing around. And now we can add Dubai’s most expensive apartment to the list.

On the market for AED 180 million, the 25th floor luxury penthouse will occupy the top floor of Palm Jumeirah’s ONE building upon completion in 2017.

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So, what does Dhs 180 mil get you?

Deep breath, here we go.

  • Private infinity pool and spa
  • Eight bedrooms
  • 42,477 square feet of floor space (simply speaking, that’s massive)
  • 16,641-square-foot balcony
  • Maids quarters (with a better view than your apartment)
  • Floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Indian Ocean
  • Private, tree-lined sunbathing area
  • 12-space garage
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As a resident of the ONE complex, you’ll also get access to:

  • A barbecue pit manned by professional chefs
  • State-of-the-art gym
  • Professional hair salon
  • Private cinema
  • Massive outdoor terrace (described as a “private temple”)
  • The best views in the city
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Designed by New York firm SOMA architects, the building promises to be one of the most opulent, chic and attractive in the city. As if we don’t have enough of those, already.

Fine, we’ll take it. Now to book an appointment with NBD to talk loans…

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