11 Reasons Why Dubai Is Totally Awesome

Including the fact it's cheaper to live here than in Paris, New York and London

So, there's another reason why living in Dubai is so totally awesome: A report earlier this year by Numbeo revealed that actually (contrary to what some might say) Dubai isn't the most expensive place in the world to live!

In fact, out of the 489 countries in the report, it ranked 187. And Abu Dhabi...that gets an equally hard time, came in at 262. 

Dubai came up smelling of roses compared to many other big cities, with New York being placed 15th, London in 22nd, Tokyo in 39th, Paris in 59th and Sydney in 64th.

Number one place went to Hamilton in Bermuda, with the majority of the top ten being filled with cities in Switzerland.

Good for Dubai...and while we're at it, here's another ten reasons Dubai is so awesome...

Unbeatable facilities

Well for a start, let's talk about the 14 kilometres of running track along Jumeirah Beach or the 85km long Al Qudra cycling track. You just don't get this in most cities


You feel accepted

No matter where you're from. We're nearly all expats here, there's no judgement

shutterstock 172218023

what a friendly bunch we are!

It's a city of opportunity

In no other city can you get ahead in your career or grow a business quite as fast as you can here

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It's totally normal to hang out in places like this...


One & Only - Dubai

Our week starts on Sundays

Love it or hate it, come Sunday evening we're a day ahead of the rest of the world

We get a real glimpse of Arab culture

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It's as safe as houses

We don't need to lock our doors (but if we did we would probably use golden keys)

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We've learnt the true meaning of the word BRUNCH

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Check out here for the coolest brunch spots

We're in the middle of the world

Okay this might depend on how you read a map but it feels like we're halfway to everywhere

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Work to beach takes about five minutes

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Now aren't we the lucky duckies?

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