Remarkable Video Released That Shows What It Was Like To Live In Dubai 3,000 Years Ago

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A new video has appeared on the Sarooq Alhadid Museum Website of an archeological site that shows what life was like in Dubai 3,000 years ago. the site, Saruq Al-Hadid, was discovered by Sheikh Mohammed some 14 years ago as he noticed an unusual formation while on a helicopter ride. Archeologists have been working on the site since and now this video is ready for us to explore, thay have found over 12,000 objects at the site!

Saruq Al-Hadid translated as 'the Way of Iron' was unearthed in 2002

'Saruq Al hadid, a proof of our deep roots civilization'

Sheikh Mohammed discovered the site in 2002 

The Expo 2020 logo was inspired from a ring that was found on the site

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