'Replica of (Game of Thrones) Westeros to be built in Dubai'

The Telegraph reports today, but was it an April Fools?

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There are outlandish property developments announced for Dubai all the time, so it wasn't a major surprise when we saw this headline this morning. Game of Thrones, which is about to air it's sixth season, is a big hit in Dubai. There is no doubt this development would be very popular if it was true. The story in The Telegraph (British broadsheet newspaper) states

"Game of Thrones fans rejoice – a Middle Eastern consortium has announced plans to build a scale replica of the fictional continent of Westeros off the coast of Dubai".

Westeros to be built as islands off the coast of Dubai

They even went to the trouble to draw a map of what it would look like, placing Westeros where the current world islands are. Alas, it emerged, that this was one fantasy too far.. 

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Sheikh Yousuf Bin Had of Fropal Oil

The paper later updated the article to say that it was indeed an April Fools joke, Fropal Oil is an anagram for April Fool!

We should have known when the developer had a name like Sheikh Yousuf Bin Had:

"Sheikh Yousuf Bin Had, chief executive of Fropal Oil, claims construction of the Westeros replica could begin within the year, and admits that the costs would far exceed the estimated $12bn (£8.3bn) that was spent on the only completed artificial island in Dubai, the Palm Jumeirah"

Not as good as Lovin Dubai's April Fools

Well done to The Telegraph, but it just wasn't as good as ours. Our friend Hamza Mughal over on Facebook was pretty convinced: 


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