Richard Ayoade and Johnny Vegas spend 48 hours in Dubai

The resulting documentary is hilarious

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Don't you just love it when other countries make documentaries about Dubai? No, not always...they're usually taking the Michael out of our Emirate and that's not always fun!

Channel 4 in the UK are currently airing a brilliant documentary series called Travel Man:48 hours in... hosted by funny man Richard Ayoade. Well, the episode that aired this weekend was 48 hours in Dubai...and it's pretty much a laugh a minute. Richard brought along comedian Johnny Vegas to add to the laughs and the pair of them visited everything from The Atlantis (where Johnny slept in the Underwater Suite) to the Old Town, where they were less than impressed by the remains of the old city wall. 

Let's just say they're not kind about everything in Dubai but somehow it's still hilarious. Best of all, it seems to have done a good job for Dubai tourism because we've been inundated with messages from mates who now want to visit!

Check out the short clip below...the full episode is available here (if you can access it!)

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