You Can Now Print Your Car Plate In 15 Seconds As World's First Robot-Operated Number Plates Factory Opens In Dubai

Future is here!

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FACT: The UAE is at the head of industrial revolution.

Technology has transformed lives in the UAE as the country's rulers have been quick to embrace the potential of technology to improve our day to day lives.

Case in point: the world's first (and fastest) factory that uses robots in the manufacturing of vehicle number plates, with a capacity of 33,000 plates per day, was just inaugurated by Mattar Al Tayer, Director-General and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

This means the factory uses artificial intelligence applications in printing number plates without any involvement of humans.

How AH-MAZING is that?

World's first robot-operated number plates factory was just opened in Dubai

As per the reports, each unit can produce 11,000 plates per day, i.e. 350 to 700 plates per hour maximum and one plate per 15 seconds. So COOL!

The machine also automatically prints six different types of plates at a time.

As many as 10 similar machines at centres of service providers will be installed by the RTA.

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