Small Businesses In Dubai Now Have A Way To Be Connected With Tourists And It's Actually Pretty Useful

A brand new business to business platform has been introduced by Dubai Tourism and it is going to put the Emirate’s attractions and experiences in the global limelight in a MAJOR way.

The “Attractions Marketplace” was launched earlier in January

And it lets businesses that offer attraction to tourists seamlessly engage with each other.

The purpose of this platform is to provide an “enhanced technological backbone” to the emirate’s attractions and experiences.

Attractions Marketplace has been developed by Dubai-based technology provider, PrioHub, an entity under the dnata group, in partnership with PrioTicket technology.

Research shows that most (69 per cent) of global travelers prioritize their spending on tourist activities (over other things like, say, accommodation) so it only makes sense for Dubai to further focus on making it easier to raise the profiles of the city’s entertainment options.

The interactive platform is perfect for small businesses too

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Small - and large - scale businesses that focus on things that attract tourists such as, say, jet skiing (or just about any other adrenaline junkies activity) and culture and art related workshops can use the site to connect with suppliers and other relevant stakeholders EFFORTLESSLY.

Dubai Tourism's CEO, Issam Kazi, talked aboutwhat this means as well a number of other Dubai Tourism related stuff in the newest DUBAI WORKS podcast episode

Strem the full podcast below

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