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OOPS: A Dubai Expat Was Left Baffled After Receiving Soap Instead Of A New AED2,600 Phone In Souq Delivery

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It’s not uncommon to hear about some unsavory experiences with e-commerce websites. Your products might not get delivered on time, or even if they are delivered, they might be damaged.

Simply put, shopping online is always a hit or miss!

However, one Dubai online retailer took it to a whole new level.

According to The National, a Dubai-based journalist, Aisha Deeb, who ordered Google Pixel 2XL from Souq was perplexed after receiving three bars of soap in the package instead.

No, seriously!

The full story

Aisha had order the smartphone worth AED2,613.45 on Wednesday, September 12, and was told she’d get the delivery the next day. She, however, didn’t get the package until the following Monday.

So not only the attempted delivery was severely delayed but also contained wrong items.

After complaining with the website, she was told that someone had taken the delivery and signed for it.

“I told them that wasn’t my signature and I hadn’t even been home, so I don’t know who has signed for it. Someone has obviously just written my name.”

On Tuesday, September 18, a representative from Souq got in touch with her to inform her that if she gives the bars of soap back she will be issued with a full refund and can also reorder the smartphone

“At this point, I’m so stressed out by the whole thing that I’m probably just going to leave it for a while. But if I do decide to get a new phone at some point it will definitely not be from Souq,” she told the publication.

Well, this is definitely a first for Dubai!

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