South African Trevor Noah Has A Go At The British In Private Show In Dubai

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The Daily Show Host, Trevor Noah, was in Dubai on a flying visit to officially launch Comedy Central on OSN in the region. The channel will cater to an Arabic-speaking audience with Arabic content and a platform for Arab comedians and performers. 

In a private show in the Armani Hotel this evening, he told a few jokes as seen below. He always likes to poke fun at the British, and this time he said they behave strangely where ever there is sun. We won’t ruin it, see the clip below. 

'The British Tan Colour Is Like A Donald Trump Colour'

Best bits from the press conference...

On laughter

"Laughing at the same things brings us together."

On travel

"Travel is the antidote to ignorance."

On diversity

"I'm shocked by the diversity in Dubai, you'll see an Arab, a filipino and then... The orange... Oh yeah, the Brits."

On language

"I like learning languages wherever I go, I will definitely try to learn Arabic, yalla yalla.”

On taxi drivers

"Taxi drivers are some of the best drivers in the world, I didn't know a Toyota could go so fast.” 

On space

"Well I don't know what's there. I think we should send the people who built Dubai and then go and visit Al Mars." 

Trevor Noah officially launches Comedy Central

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