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Which celebrities have been hanging out in the Emirate this week?

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This week in Dubai we've had everyone from metaphorical stars like Wayne Rooney, to people who live in the stars like Chris Hadfield. Read on to find out more...


We all like to have a go at being arty on our Instagram but these last couple of weeks we've been given a few lessons in how to achieve that desired artistic status, as world famous Mario Testino has been in town for the opening of his first exhibition in the Middle East. Unsurprisingly he has been spending his time in Dubai doing what he does best…taking photos. Have a look at some of these beauties and take some notes (maybe this will help you spend less time on Insta deliberating between Valencia and X-Pro II in future).


Hands up who fancies being an injured footballer? Is there a better way to spend your time off work than playing with tigers and hanging out with DJs in Dubai? Wayne Rooney obviously decided that rather than moping around in snowy Manchester to recover from his knee injury, that his time would be better spent heading to Dubai for some fun in the sun. Next time I pick up an injury at work I may follow his lead and head to the zoo.

Fitness freaks...

Joe Wicks AKA The Body Coach was in Dubai this week as part of Emirates Lit Fest and he was looking pretty hot! As well as finding time to give a talk on nutrition and his training methods, he took part in a fair few photoshoots for local mags. 


Karen and Kevin Clifton, stars of the UK dance show Strictly Come Dancing, decided that a holiday to the Maldives wouldn’t quite be complete without checking in* to Dubai on the way home. Next time, why not stay long enough for a full night of dancing guys…may we suggest Barasti?

*The way the process of stopping and getting ready to change direction in the dance world is referred to as ‘checking’ in just in case you didn’t catch my quip.


Miss Teen World, Amy Jackson, asked her followers to guess where paradise was…thanks for the compliment, love from Dubai.

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Reality Stars...

Jordan Reed from MTV series the The Valleys swapped Cardiff for The Madinat Jumeirah, where he performed a DJ set at Pacha… good call if you ask us, just don’t ask us to switch from Dubai to the Valleys. 

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Rally Drivers...

American rally driver Ken Block has been back in Dubai, piloting his world-famous Ford Fiesta RX43. Having seen a few of these snaps we reckon he might even give the local Dubai taxi drivers a run for their money in a race along Sheikh Zayed!

A photo posted by Ken Block (@kblock43) on

A photo posted by Ken Block (@kblock43) on

A photo posted by Ken Block (@kblock43) on

You Tubers...

The Russian YouTube prankster Vitaly has been in Dubai making a new prank video. Can’t wait to see what it is, although having seen some of his hitman stunts let’s hope he didn’t pick on any of the wrong guys out here!

Fellow YouTuber @bystaxx switched adventure video gaming for some real life adventure in Dubai, as he took on the sand for some boarding and dune bashing. Have a look to see how he got on in the real world without a gaming controller to help…at least he will have got to see that the graphics are better in real life!

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and even Astronauts...

If you’ve been up the Burj Khalifa on a cloudy day then you may feel like you've been to space. However one of the few men who is used to life even higher than the Burj has been in town this week. See some snaps below of Chris Hadfield, the astronaut fresh back to Earth after living aboard ISS as Commander of Expedition 35 inspiring locals at the Emirates Lit Fest

...And if you wondered what Dubai looks like from space then have a look at this exceptionally cool picture that NASA astronaut Tim Kopra Tweeted of the Palm Jumeriah from his Spacestation home (admit it, who now wants to live in a Spacestation?)

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