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The celebrities hanging out in Dubai this week...

Wiz Khalifa

Last week the Dubai World Cup drew in the celebs, this week we mainly had the music world to thank for our influx of celebrities as the sand dunes in particular took a bashing from the world of rap. Chuck in a bit of acting, a sprinkling of comedy, a spot of sport and a pinch of Bollywood and you have the full package for this week.

Rappers everywhere

Kylie Jenner's rapper boyfriend Tyga has been in Dubai to perform at Autism Rocks. 

If your name is Tyga and you are in Dubai then there is really only one thing that you should do...go hang out with a tiger. From the look of the below, it seems that the tigers were just as happy to have their namesake over as he was to be here. Who said rappers and tigers were scary hey?

Tyga also hung out with a giraffe but obviously G-Raff isn't as cool a name for a rapper.

We are used to seeing rappers in Cadillacs rather than quad bikes but we all know which looks more fun.

And we all know that Dubai is amazing, and our pal Tyga agrees.

We didn't just have Tyga and tigers this week...we also had Khalifa and Khalifa as Wiz came to the land of the Burj.

Also performing at Autism Rocks was the slightly smaller but infinitely more tattooed version -  Wiz Khalifa.

Here at LD we think we have discovered something this week. Tigers love rappers...who knew??

Gotta feed the baby.

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We've also learnt that rappers love quad biking as Wiz took on the dunes as well. 

Here he is 'wizzing' around in the desert.

Please do.

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What do you call three rappers in the desert? We aren't sure of the punchline to that gag but the rap talent in the desert increased further as Chevy Woods joined Wiz on the dunes to become our third rapper of the week.

Unfortunately for my pun writing there are no photos of Wiz and the Burj but it seems like he had a great time with the tigers and quad bikes...just don't combine the two.

Not to be out done by Wiz, the Burj Khalifa also helped to raise awareness for World Autism Awareness Day by lighting up in blue on Saturday. 

Well done to the Khalifa's this week!

Flo Rida also joined the lineup for Autism Rocks, where he performed, and welcomed us to his house. We are thinking of launching our own rap career under the name of Doo-Bye...but it just doesn't sound as cool.


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Flo also performed at Pacha and showed us how he prepares for a gig. We aren't doctors but we're not sure that cigars are known to be great for the voice...but we aren't going to argue with Mr Rida.

Club Pacha it's almost show time! #dubai #pacha

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Well done Dubai for showing Flo the love....keep it up and we just might get that house visit that he keeps offering us.


Avicii has been here performing at the World Trade Centre. He called Dubai 'a place of human wonders' as he Instagrammed from the top of the Burj Khalifa but he told his followers that he expected at least the same elevation from them at his show that night – tall order! 

Here he is showing that he is not afraid of going up a few 'Levels' 

'Hey Brother' we love you too man.

The fun doesn't stop when you are Avicii as he was straight on to Bahrain for another show. 

Firing up #bahraingp #aviciiinthemiddleeast

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Kevin Hart

Comedian, actor and all round fun guy Kevin Hart was in town for his 'What Now' tour.

We don't have the Hart to tell him he looks ridiculous but we appreciate the effort in the outfit below.

#Dubai #DopePic #WhatNowTour #ComedicRockstarShit

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Kevin took in the views in the desert - we don't think he is aware that he is in acute danger of being run over by a rapper on a quad bike here!

#Views #breathetaking #DopePic #Dubai

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A Grand Slam winner

Recent Six Nations Grand Slam winner Jonathan Joseph was in town. 

Not sure his photo skills are up to scratch, but we've seen him on the pitch so we won't tell him!

Had the most amazing stay at the Ritz Carlton in Dubai. 🌞🌞🌞

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Bollywood royalty and KP 'stop over'

We prefer it when celebs stop by a little longer but Mika Singh and Kevin Pietersen both took advantage of our excellent destination en route to India.

And finally..

Though not spotted here as yet, we are well informed that Kardashian klan momager, Kris Jenner, will be in town next week for a series of meetings, appearances and a 'very special announcement'. Whether any of the rest of the  Kardashians will join her remains to be seen but watch this space for updates on her time here and what this special announcement is all about!

Kris Jenner

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