Where The Dubai Music Week Stars Will Be Dining Out Over The Next Few Days

Still waiting on that RSVP but we're pretty confident they'll show...

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So Jason Derulo was spotted getting well fed at the Rib Room last night.


Now, they haven't asked us YET, but should they come a knockin' here are our picks for where the stars should get their munch on over the coming days.

Ellie Goulding

She loves to run and if she wasn't a world famous music star she would probably be a personal trainer. With that in mind we feel Ms Goulding would appreciate a healthy per-performance meal. We recommend Circle Cafe, where you can enjoy a hugggeeeee selection of tasty salads and energizing smoothies for that little pre-show boost.

Feel like a run pre-show Ellie? Hit us up we know some good spots!


30 Seconds To Mars

This band is lead by the eccentric and brilliant Jared Leto. These guys will be looking for something a little less conventional so we recommend 'dining in the dark' at the Fairmont Dubai.

You can enjoy 5 star gourmet service in pitch-black settings, the waiters are equipped with night-vision goggles to serve the food. Things could get weird but we think these guys would be okay with that!


you hardly expected a picture did you?

Jason Derulo

After a serious meat fest in the Rib Room last night we reckon Jason is going to hit up Toro Toro tonight for some light munch. He'll be post show so he'll come for a bite but stay for the atmosphere.


The After party

It's after party time and we suspect these stars are going to party at Toy Room Dubai.

There's lots of space and slick comfortable couches for these guys to soak up each others awesomeness. See you guys there! #LovinDubai


oh and they'll get to meet frank...we love frank!

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