The 7 Best Places To Get Cheese Manakish In Dubai

Oh my word, we've fallen in love with a pastry


First of all, if you don't already know what a cheese manakish is we feel sorry for you.

It's the less popular although definitely more tasty sister of Za'atar. Simply put it's cheese on bread but really it's more than that... so much more than that. Cheese manakish is a simple Arabic snack where freshly baked dough bread is topped with cheese (maybe some thyme) and usually a good amount of salt. (Salt and cheese might sound like a weird combo but it just works, we promise). Whatever the ingredients, cheese manakish is the tastiest, cheesiest, gooiest delicious snack around and if you're not craving some already you deserve a medal.

These are definitely the best spots to get some around town. Most of these places deliver. At first we thought this was a good thing, countless deliveries later and a couple of belt buckles looser we're not so sure!

7. Breakfast to Breakfast - Al Rigga

Don't let the ordinary looking menu fool you, these guys really know their manakish. They use salty Akkawi cheese and the taste is spot on. Seriously, we've been ordering from these guys for years and we've never been disappointed.


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6. Zaroob - World Trade Centre

Any fans of authentic Levant breakfasts will already know this spot. They do a super delicious halloumi man'oushe. This is really similar to a manakish except it's totally flat while a manakish is folder over.

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The above is with clearly made with meat, the beauty of these is that you can have pretty much anything you want on them.

5. Al Mallah - Satwa

This is a no frills-great grub type of spot. Don't order from these guys if you have an addictive personality...seriously, their cheese and garlic manakish is INCREDIBLE. Once you try it once you'll crave it forever.


4. Aroos Damascus, Al Muraqqaba

This menu doesn't have cheese manakish but if you ring in advance (or just ask really nicely) they'll make you one of the best you've ever tried. Don't want to be that annoying picky eater? Go for the manakish labneh instead. As a whole this spot does incredible food for really good value, a must visit for any fans of Arabic food.


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3. Operation: Falafel - Al Safa

You'll find this place in the trendy Box Park. Their menu is relatively small yet they've still got about four different cheese manakish options...sounds good to us! Cool interiors and good value for money, definitely add this place to your cheese manakish bucket list.


2. On The Wood, Barsha 1

This place should come with warning. Not only do they serve a super fresh and delicious cheese manakish but their menu also has loads of variety, we've never seen so many different manakish options! We strongly recommend the cheese mortadelle - mortadelle, kashkaval cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles and mustard sauce. You can even get it baked in a brown grain dough; this way you'll feel at least a small semblance of health!


1. Something Baked - Cluster J, JLT

Oh my word the cheese manakish here is something else. It just oooozzeeeesssss with delicious soft cheese, these don't feel incredibly heavy so the only problem with these ones is you always feel like you have room for more!


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