The 7 Emirati Instagrammers we want to trade places with

From Sheikhs to singers to foodies...we got them all covered

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Who doesn't love spending hours scrolling through Instagram, looking for new people to follow?

Well we might have seven people to add to your radar. If you like looking at people with fantastic lives...this is for you.

Why not take a minute to imagine what it would be like to trade places with these seven Emiratis who seem to have the most fun, exciting and awesome #InstaLife? 

Fazza: @faz3

Imagine cycling your way through the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, diving underwater with an elephant named Rajan in the Indian Ocean, watching sunrise in the glaciers of New Zealand or dangling from the top of Burj Khalifa. Sounds like fun? ABSOLUTELY YES! And this is what Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s life looks like on Instagram and his 3 million followers can’t get enough of the amazing photos that document his love for adventure, sports, poetry and animals. If we trade places for a day with the Crown Prince of Dubai, not only will we get to live amazing experiences all over the globe, but we will also possess the talent to write beautiful and emotional poems and we will even get to take selfies with a white lion pet named Frosty. How cool is that!

Fazza 4
Fazza 3

Madiya Al Sharqi: @madiyahalsharqi

If you are an aspiring designer or a wanna be fashionista/fashion influencer/style maker/brand ambassador/street-style hunter/ or whatever those people call themselves these days, then this is the account for you. If you trade places for a day with Sheikha Madiya Al Sharqi, daughter of the Ruler of Fujairah you will get to be one of the most important contemporary designers in the UAE and Middle East, you will be showcasing in Paris Fashion Week while mingling with the likes of Alber Elbaz and Elie Saab and you will live inside a creative bubble full of sheer talent, dreamy pastel colours, ethereal lace gowns and a hint of haute couture aroma!

Madiyah 1
Madiyah 3

Hessa Al Khalifa: @hk_alkhalifa

Calling out all foodies who love nothing more than taking snaps of their perfectly garnished plates and posting them on Instagram before they've even had a taste of the food… you can all relate to Hessa and her 93K followers. You won’t regret trading places with this Bahraini/Emirati food writer and photographer because you will get to: explore the hidden gems of the culinary world from Dubai to London, be a food writer for none other than The New York Times, and be a VIP guest at the hottest restaurant openings and pre-tastings. Who could say nom nom “I mean no” to that?

Hessa 2
Hessa 1

Mohammed Ahli: @mohdaahli

Would you risk your life to take the perfect landscape photos? If your answer is “dah!!” then you need to befriend Mohammed Ahli ASAP and join him on his next #instaAdventure! Trading places with this adventurati (see what I’ve done there? No? I mean adventurer/Emirati… ok I thought it sounded funny) will give you the chance to: be a professional photographer, world traveller who captures some amazing natural scenes. Think majestic snowy mountains of Austria to the mysterious ice caves of Iceland to the misty forests of Oregon, USA.

Mohdaahli 1
Mohdaahli 2

Ali F. Mostafa: @AFMFILMS

Want to be BFF with Spielberg and have his number on your speed dial? Then you might want to trade places with Emirati filmmaker Ali Mostafa. Want to attend the most glam gala dinners in the UAE and Hollywood, rub shoulders with the likes of Tom Cruise and Will Smith and walk the red carpets of international film festivals. The best part about being Mostafa for a day is that you will get to enjoy all that while sporting perfectly styled glossy hair!

Afmfilms 1
Afmfilms 2

Balqees Fathi: @balqeesfathi

Being #InstaFamous can be hard to achieve but Emirati singer Balqees Fathi managed to succeed in being famous in the virtual world as well as the real one. With more than 4 million followers on Instagram, Balqees spends her days being an ambassador for many things from beauty brands to Dubai Shopping Festival, sing Opera on international stages, be dressed by renowned fashion houses and enjoy shopping sprees in London and Paris. The only thing you will not like by living in Balqees’s shoes is having your instagram account hacked over and over simply because you are famous… is that a price you are willing to pay?

Balqees 1
Balqees 2

Taim Al Falasi: @taimalfalasi

At just 20 years old, Taim Al Falasi has a resume more impressive than a highflying CEO. She is an influencer, famous youtuber, volgger, online media personality, radio host, brand ambassador and social media star with millions of followers. By copying Taim’s lifestyle for a day you will enjoy VIP invites to meet and interview international celebrities, be whisked away on a private helicopter to view Dubai from above, attend galas and red carpet events, receive freebies from the latest beauty, fashion and electronics brands and go to an all expenses paid trips to the most luxurious hotels. Must be tough...

Taimalfalasi 1
Taimalfalasi 2

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