The International Space Station Have Released This ULTRA HD Video Of Dubai

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The 22nd of April was World Earth Day, an annual event to show support for environmental protection, first started in 1970. In 2016, there was a landmark agreement signed by 120 nations called the Paris Agreement. There are lots of ongoing initiatives taking place to preserve our planet, find out more here

Yesterday, coincidentally, the International Space Station (ISS) released videos taken by their Ultra HD camera Iris. Amongst three videos released, was one of the Burj Khalifa. Iris is part of the program started two years ago called UrtheCast to allow users to explore the earth in more detail. The camera unable to capture individual people, but it can get a crowd from about 220 miles above Earth’s surface. 

This is what the tallest building in the world looks like from space

The ULTRA HD Iris camera...

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... also captured this stunning photo of the Pyramids in Egypt

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