The New Bentley SZR Showroom Costing 100m AED Just Opened And It's Out Of This World

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We are used to the car showrooms on Sheikh Zayed Road being the biggest in the world for their own particular brands. So it's no surprise that the new Bentley show room that opened for car sales last week is their biggest. The new location (Bentley were previously based in Deira) is part of the Habtoor owned dealership in Dubai and it cost a small fortune - 100 million AED! It comes with six stories and a rooftop garden with a rotational pod for cars to be on display where parties can be hosted. 

The showroom has all the usual Bentley trimmings, a mini boutique where sunglasses will set you back around 50,000 AED, a handbag costs around 26,000 AED. There will be an official opening in November.

This GTCV8S by Mulliner was custom built for the opening of this showroom and has 'SZR' engraved on the door panel

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There are 29 cars in total in this showroom, 23 are brand new

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Bentley baby seat anyone?

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There is a waterfall that can spell out the name of a customer!

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