The Waze Map Has Renamed The New Road In JVC "Catboy's Rear Entrance"

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There is a new road that connects the back of JVC with Hessa St that has just opened. It's just a small road. But naming roads and renaming them is a big thing in Dubai. So, Dubai 92 Breakfast Show DJ and Dubai personality, Catboy, was joking on air about what the road should be a called. Himself a resident of JVC, this new road will cut minutes off his early morning drive to Dubai 92 studios, so happy with it that the self proclaimed Mayor of JVC decided to do a ribbon cutting to officially open the new road. 

Catboy officially announces that the road will be renamed...

... he then proceeds to do the ribbon cutting, as any great Mayor would...

What followed was a clamor for the road to be officially called 'Catboy's Rear Entrance'.

And the ratings were suitably hilarious

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Screenshot 2016 10 14 10 19 59
Screenshot 2016 10 14 10 19 50

There is even a Facebook page named after the road with hilarous 'reviews' of 'Catboy's Rear Entrance'. 

... With Catboy waiting patiently...

...Travel app Waze went one step further and officially updated the name of the road on their map... 

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