The World's Press Has Finally Realized That Dubai Relaxed It’s Ramadan Laws

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So just before Ramadan DTCM (the governing body that looks after Dubai Tourism) sent a memo to all the food and beverage outlets in Dubai informing them that they can apply for permission to extend their licenses. This caught many off-guard, as most establishments were used to normal Ramadan hours when alcohol can be served from 8pm onwards, after Iftar. 

Many bars were showing Euro 2016 and some had permission to serve alcohol from 4pm onwards. Yet, those who reacted quickly and applied for dispensation to serve alcohol at 12pm, were duly rewarded. The Dhow and Anchor in Jumeirah Beach Hotel was one such bar, who, it is said, had it's busiest week of the year in the first week of Ramadan.

Why the move to relax the laws?

"With nearly one million tourists expected to visit and enjoy all aspects of our city over Ramadan, we expect all operators and travelers to be respectful of the Holy Month and be mindful of cultural sensitivities... ensuring a superlative visitor experience consistently is at the center of our destination proposition and remains in line with Dubai's significance as a world-class tourism destination."

Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing

That explains in then..

It all seems to be going to plan and Ramadan has been more noticeable this year for it's charitable initiatives which have increased through numerous social activities. However, these well known international press organizations seem to be a bit surprised by the whole thing. 


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