These New Years Eve Dinner Prices Are Crazy!

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Dubai is the most expensive City on NYE!

In a recent study by Travelex, Dubai has been found to be the most expensive city on New Years Eve, costing on average AED 2,015 per person. That's 19% more than New York, the next most expensive. Is it any surprise then where we see these prices? But AED 1,200 for Five Guys? Or AED 600 for Starbucks? Or AED 1,700 for IHOP, are you crazy!?

AED 1,495 for Carluccios!?

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AED 1,500 for The Noodle House!?

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AED 2,000 for P.I Dubai!?

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AED 1,800 for IHOP! Seriously!?

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Hang on a second, it's going to be incredible!

It should be said that there is more than a burger and a coffee included along with front row seats to the greatest fireworks show on earth! Get ready by visiting the official My Dubai New Year website!

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