18 Feelings You'll Experience During A Brunch In Dubai

Trying to sneak in that one last drink...when brunch is officially over!

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Whether you're on your first ever brunch, or you're the master of the epic grub meets booze binge, your feelings throughout the day tend to follow a similar pattern.

You wake up on Friday morning feeling fresh (that's if you've saved yourself by taking it easy on the Thursday night and haven't woken up with 'the fear' – we've all been there). You dress to impress and head out for the all-you-can-eat and-all-you-can drink buffet for the next three to four hours. The sun is shining and there's no traffic on SZR, it's going to be a good day... right? This is pretty much how it's going to go...

1. The shame of trying to hail a taxi at midday... in your highest heels

This one might just be for the girls (well, you never know) but dressing for a nightclub (who knows where you'll end up later) while most people outside your apartment are in their t-shirts and flip flops can feel a little awkward.


2. Regret... as you rethink your whole outfit... as soon as you arrive

Why did I wear white, when I'm drinking red? Why did I wear bodycon? Did I really need such a tight belt with these trousers? Did I really need a belt?

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No desserts for you today!

3. Immediate disappointment when you're seated next a table with kids on it

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We're not judging, we totally agree!

4. You get serious, it's time to plan a food strategy

Slow and steady does it. This isn't a sprint... it's a marathon. Add your own race analogies here.


5. You feel strong... you don't want to fill up on carbs so you steer clear of the mash and roasties section

faye no carbs

6. You weaken... by about 2pm carbs and sugar are your friends and you head for the desserts


at least you're not alone... the kiddies have started on theirs too

7. You practice patience as you politely call the waiter over for the HUNDREDTH time and remind him of your drink order

'If you don't mind...'


8. You get thoughtful. Is a waiter even necessary? Surely a drinks dispenser would save a lot of time and effort?

Yes... you're still waiting for a drink

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Give it to us on tap!

9. You feel unstable as you transport treats

One hand is holding a plate FILLED with mini muffins 'for the table' and the other is attempting to stick marshmallows into the chocolate fountain.

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we think you should count yourself lucky

10. You feel guilty devouring the mini muffins that were meant 'for the table'

Hey, no one offered to help get them! No judgement, we would do the same.

Im-not-even-sorry-GIF 1

11. Mild panic. You notice the guy on your left has undone his belt buckle

Yep, no one cares about dignity at this stage...and it seems he's not alone

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12. You're disgusted with yourself after doing the brunch equivalent of the walk of shame

After going go to the bar to get drinks for the whole table but only returning with two drinks... both for yourself.

didn t mean to disappoint-470x230

13. You start to seriously appreciate the terrible band who are playing the up tempo lounge music

These tunes could really make a come back... right?


and you start bustin' out some moves to prove your point

14. Wild Panic. It's 3.30pm: STOCKPILE!!

shutterstock 98781347-2

Stop showing off and give us another drink

15. You feel free. By this point you're SO full and past caring what you look like

So, it's back to what's left of the desserts.


16. You're feeling cheeky. It's gone past 4pm... you still ask for another round of drinks


17. You're annoyed as you are eventually 'politely ushered' to the exit and you emerge bleary eyed into the dazzling Dubai sunshine


18. You're happier than you've ever been as you hear a rumour that Barasti has a happy hour until 8pm


This day is on the up!

Written By

Casey Fitzgerald

Outside of writing for Lovin Dubai, you'll find Casey inhaling hummus, making a constant stream of terrible puns and running around in circles.