15 Things You Can Do In Dubai You Can't Do Anywhere Else In The World

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Dubai is unique in every sense of the word.

Here are just a few things you can do here which make this city such an awesome place to live...

1. Stand at the top of the world

Okay well the average Joe doesn't go to the literal top of the building...but the 148th floor seems pretty high to us!


2. Chill at a really cool ice bar...in the middle of the desert

Have you seen steam rising out of a rich and creamy hot chocolate in sub zero temperatures? No? Then you're missing out my friend!

Ice view of the lounge today. #icelounge #dubai #minus6below #reindeer #ice #uae #toptouristattraction #freehotchocolate #mustsee

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3. See the world without leaving Dubai

Construction is well under way to make these islands some of the most desirable locations in the world.

dubai world

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4. Be a tourist

You may live here but it's still okay to be in awe of the cities coolest spots...and to casually snap a selfie or two for your IG account is okay too!

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5. Be okay with being picked up in a police car

I mean if it looks like this who would complain?!


Fingers crossed they've got the wrong guy though

6. Take an Abra trip for AED 1

Seriously, this is a mighty cheap way of getting around, and a beautiful way to get to know Dubai's creek area.

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7. Top class skiing, unreal water parks and dune bashing in the desert

Sure you can do these things else where, but can you do them within an hour of each other? We think not!

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8. Dine in the world's only 7 star hotel

And we can tell you exactly what it's like...


9.Become your very own version of Iron Man

Jet man anyone??


10. Home deliveries. Anything you need at any time of the day

Hhmmm our lazy radar is buzzing. Should we love this or hate it?

11. Sky dive over a man made palm tree island

Sounds normal to us but the rest of the world is pretty impressed by this.

12. Dine here...


photo credit: greenlandtourism.ae

13. Yet be only minutes from here...

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14. Become a world record holder

Dubai holds many weird and wonderful records. Do a bit of research and get involved. Most nationalities washing their hands simultaneously anyone?


there were 72 nationalities in case you were wondering

15. Know you're living in the best city in the world

Endless blue skies, foodie heaven and an inspiring leader...

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We know we're got it good

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Casey Fitzgerald

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