This Dubai Pizza Hut Video has gone viral

Is this really the best way to order your Meat Feast?

Screen  Shot 2016 01 06 At 17 55 53
Screen  Shot 2016 01 06 At 17 55 53

We're a little confused here at the Lovin Dubai office. A video we love has gone viral but we don't understand what it means.

The original video is made my Pizza Hut and shows advanced touchscreen technology to order your perfect deep-pan treat straight off your table, and was first released in March 2014. But what's not clear is the new Dubai reference that's been added to it! 

The video was uploaded to Facebook (and possibly edited to add the Dubai reference) by musician Lee M Kelsall. It's had over 17million views, over 133,000 likes and over 32,000 comments in less than two days.

Is it a cheeky clue...are Pizza Hut about to push out this new technology in Dubai? We are the place for firsts, so it wouldn't be a massive surprise. We think it looks pretty fun and can't wait to try it out, although most of our Pizza Hut cravings come after a heavy night...and we're not sure our brains would cope with such technicalities. See for yourself:

Pizza Hut - Next Level

Next Level !!!!!

Posted by Lee M Kelsall on Sunday, 3 January 2016

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