This Dubai Video Blogger Gets Over 1m Views Per Video AND None Of Them Are Any Good

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This guy, makes videos about random stuff in Dubai, they usually are around 30 minutes long, and nothing ever really happens. It's a mystery how they get so many views, on average 1m per episode. Have a watch your self, but don't say we didn't warn you. His YouTube channel has have over 220 million views in three years. His talent? Well, you tell us. 

Here is a sample of what kind of videos that Mo publishes and are watched millions of times

"Dubai's Most Expensive House !!!"

1,032,828 views. Hmm, 20 minutes and 44 seconds. A photo would have done. 


1,644,160 views. Please don't say you were one of these 1.6m people. Because, if you were, that's 16 minutes 46 seconds you are never getting back. 

"Paying CASH for a New Ferrari !!!"

3,097,825 views. Seriously? Losing the will to live here. 


Just in case you are hanging in there to see whether this get's any better. Nope, it doesn't. 1,059,146 views. Awful stuff. 


Well, he would latch on to this trend, wouldn't he. Watch these views go through the roof. God knows why, there is nothing here to see people. 

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